Friday, March 5, 2010


I started Prometrium on Saturday the 27th (since it was CD14).  I am hoping this cycle will be it.  Another thing I forgot to mention about my appointment with the ob/gyn was we discussed whether I was ovulating.  I was thinking that I probably wasn't.  She said the pains I am having could be ovulation.  I also told her that I have had the cervical mucus (even cycles when I haven't had AF for over 40 days), she said I could very well have ovulated then too.  Apparently you don't have to have AF to ovulate. 

Thursday I had the u/s.  I told the tech that I was still having the pains on my right side, but also my left side has been hurting (even more than the right) and the center of my abdomen has been sensitive / soar.  She did 2 types of u/s.  She showed me my ovaries, cysts, follicles, etc.  She said that it's not common for women with PCOS to have pains (but I am not sure how much she really knows about PCOS because from what I have read, it is very possible).
The ob/gyn's office called with the results later that day.  The u/s confirmed / was consistent with PCOS.  There is no blockage or scar tissue.  My ovaries are functioning, but with PCOS.  Normal treatment for PCOS is to suppress the ovaries, but since we are TTC, we don't want to do that.  She said the pain is just from the PCOS.  She said the u/s showed tons of cysts (almost like an overactivity), but that is PCOS.  The pain is from the PCOS and there isn't much they / I can do about it.  She said to take Tylenol, keep hydrated and to make sure I am not constipated.  She said that Metformin is a good drug to make the ovaries function.  She wants me to keep them posted.  I asked if she could tell from the u/s if I ovulated this month this I was on CD19 and she said that she couldn't tell. U/s isn't a good tool for that. 
So, at least I have no blockages or scar tissue, but I have major pain a lot.  Thankfully the pain doesn't last a long time, but it does happen frequently.


  1. Glad there's no blockage or scar tissue in the picture for you! I am interested to see how the clomid and prometrium works out for you. Good luck!

  2. Oh, btw - Clomid is how I got my twins. It's definitely a possibility!

  3. Hey there! I'm going through and reading your backposts on your blog. Clomid - yeah, it can be a bitch, but at least for me, it was my miracle drug. I hope that it is for you, too. You think you have hot flashes NOW? OMG Clomid gives the worst flashes. I mean, like flames from the bowels of Hell lit in the pit of your guts and flames through your whole system. I actually liked feeling the Clomid crazies, because it let me feel like those tiny pills were actually doing something.

    I'll be watching and hoping through this cycle!