Friday, March 5, 2010

New Game Plan

Last week I attended an appointment with my ob/gyn.  The nurse talked to me about the fact that I have several factors against me in regards to conceiving again - PCOS, hypothyroid, LPD, but that the most promising factor was that my body did it once.  I have a beautiful 3 year old little girl.  The ob/gyn reviewed how things have been going with me.  I told her about my pains, especially on my right side.  She ordered an u/s to rule out blockage and scar tissue.  We talked about TTC and what our next move should be.  Thankfully she understood that we mean business and want to get things rolling with having a baby.  We don't want to play games or twiddle our thumbs.  She laid out all the options - try Clomid (she only does 3 rounds then sends you to a fertility specialist), seek a fertility specialist, keep trying with Metformin and Prometrium.  I asked her opinion because I truly respect it.  She said she thinks we should go ahead and start Clomid, get an appointment with a fertility specialist schedule for the next few months, and of course get the u/s.  She said the Clomid will be hard on me.  It will make me feel like I am going through menopause.  I told her that I already feel that way, as I have major mood swings and was having hot flashes.  I actually asked her if she was just teasing me and I was truly going through menopause.  She reassured me that I wasn't.  She said Clomid will bring on all these symptoms, plus there is an increase in multiples.  She said that she personally has never had anyone have multiples from it, but it is a risk.  We are worried about that risk because twins run on both sides of our family.  DH also asked if something could be wrong with his swimmers and so he is going to be tested.  I thought that was such a great thing for him to ask and kind of took the "heat" off of me.  I just thought that was very supportive.  The nurse was great at reassuring us and DH about the sperm analysis.  She told us her DH had to do that, too.  I really appreciate my ob/gyn and the nurse sharing their experiences with us because it helps me to know I am not alone / we are not alone in the struggle.  If I hadn't said this before, my ob/gyn also has PCOS.  So our game plan is to take Clomid CD6-9, then Prometrium CD14-28, on CD 29 I will take a pregnancy test if AF hasn't visited, if BFN then I will continue the Prometrium until AF visits (or I get a BFP).  We will do that for a few cycles, then if no BFP, we will meet with the specialist.  Oh yeah, and DH will get his swimmers checked and I will get an u/s.    

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