Friday, February 19, 2010

Difficult Day

CD66 turned into CD1.  I didn't think I would ever be that happy for AF.  I was so worried I was going through menopause or something.  I had been feeling decent since AF and was really busy taking DD to all sorts of classes and playdates and things.  I think I had 1 down day - where we just stayed home and relaxed.  Then something weird happened.  CD9 turned into CD1!  I am not sure what was up with that.  That was just strange.  Here I go 66 days without AF and now only 9.  My body is definitely not working right.  This totally changes when I start Prometrium again.  I was originally supposed to start it today, but now have to wait until the 27th.  I was worried about taking Prometrium so close together.  I just stopped the 400mg of Prometrium on the 12th.  So that I am happy about.  Maybe my body does know what it's doing after all!

Tuesday was a trying day for me.  I met a friend and her DS for a playdate.  My cousin was also at this place.  She just had her second DD.  She had a DS about 5-7 years ago, but he died when he was only a few months old.  They went through lots of struggles with losing their child and were unsure if they would ever be able to get pregnant again.  They have a 4 year old DD and an almost 2 month old DD now. 

However, she was there with her playgroup.  This group ended up being a bunch of women who have 2 children are do not want anymore.  So much so that their DHs have been snipped or they were going to have their tubes tied.  It was very difficult to listen to their bitching about having 2 children and not wanting anymore.  It obviously made me sad and uncomfortable.  I have always told DH that neither one of us will ever have those procedures done because I never want the option to have children taken off the table for us.  Of course that was before being diagnosed with PCOS.  Now sometimes I feel like I might as well have had my tubes tied, since we have not had any luck with TTC.  But I didn't make that choice to not be able to have anymore children, like these women.  I am not mad at them.  They don't know my story and I wasn't willing to share it with them.  It just kind of felt like a slap in the face.  These woman have want I want - fertility.  It was just a difficult day - a constant reminder!


On February 1 (CD61), the nurse from the ob/gyn's office called.  She said the doctor wanted me to go for b/w.  I had the b/w done that day. They called with the results the next day.  She said my FSH, Estradiol and something else were normal but my TSH was abnormal, dangerously low.  I think it was .265. She said I need to go for another b/w (free t4).  I went that day.  The next day the nurse called with the results.  She said that test was normal and they would send the results to my endocronologist.  They said my G4 is good and T4 is normal.  I told the nurse that I was at CD63.  She talked with the ob/gyn.  She prescribed 400mg of Prometrium at night for 10 days. 

The Prometrium really kicks my butt.  As soon as I take it, I am out.  It just makes me exhausted.

Friday the 5th, my endocronologist's office called about the b/w they were sent.  He wants me to stop taking Synthroid on Sundays.  So now I am really confused.  Why would I stop taking my med if one of my thyroid tests were really low?

BTW, I stopped taking the Vitex on the 2nd and had already stopped the cough decongestant and progesterone cream on the 31st.  I will talk to my ob/gyn about taking them first.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Still Here

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile.  I have been feeling really sick lately.  I am taking a medication that is really just kicking my butt!  I plan on trying to get things up to date as much as I can in the next few days.