Sunday, August 22, 2010

All the Symptoms

Friday July 23rd, I took a HPT and received a BFN.  I had been craving chips and cheese dip pretty much all week, itchy boobs, pains in right and left ovaries, angry and hormones just raging. Thursday and Friday, I had heartburn.  I was having pains in my vaginal area, feeling nauseous, having food aversions (hardly anything sounded good to me), yet very hungry, and when I did find something that appealed to me I wanted to eat! I was also getting the urge to buy baby stuff / boy clothes.  I was also having problems with smells getting to me and having hot flashes. I took another HPT on Friday July 30th and received another BFN.  I called the RE's office and the nurse said I should've started my period by Wednesday the 28th, so they wanted me to go that morning to take a blood test for HCG level.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go that morning, but did go that afternoon.  That was an event going to the lab.  DH and DD went with me.  DD was acting up and kept playing with the water cooler and there was a little bit of a wait (which is not normal at this lab).  She spilled water on the table so DH took her outside.  Not long after they went outside, did they come back in because DH was stung by something and it hurt.  The spot was red and he was feeling his arm go numb a bit.  He was finally feeling better and I finally was able to go in to get my blood drawn.  The nurse from the RE's office called that afternoon / evening and said she wasn't able to get the results since I went in that afternoon. She said I would hear from them by Monday.

It was weird because DD was telling my niece and my mom that she was going to have a brother on July 28th.  Then on the 29th, she drew me a picture and said "Dear Mommy, thank you for having me a baby brother."  I was in shock and looked at my mom.  That's when she told me that DD told her and my niece the night before she was going to have a brother.

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