Monday, January 18, 2010

CD47 and Nothing

I tested again this afternoon, which was actually my morning. I fell asleep last night, but then woke up and couldn't go back to sleep until this morning. I was extremely tired and ended up sleeping until the afternoon. Thank goodness DH was home to get DD in the shower, feed her breakfast and hang out with her. The test came back negative again. Tomorrow will be CD48, which is when I started in November. I think I'll wait until CD50, test again and call the ob/gyn (unless I start my period before then). Even if I start my period, I am still going to call the ob/gyn to tell them about my intense stomach pains and having no let up on symptoms. I am also thinking it is time to inquire about fertility drugs.

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  1. Hi Hun! Thank you for signing up for my birthday club!!! :) Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - I just started in Dec and am loving every minute of it! it gives me a great place to VENT and ask questions and get support from other women going through what I am. Good luck with this cycle!